We worship together regularly in a gathering we call Word and Table. These happen at 10am on alternate Sundays at the former St. Peter’s Anglican Church: 705 Main St. East (corner of Main and St. Clair) downtown. Together we learn from the Lord in His Word, and we renew our faith at the Lord’s Table in Communion, in order to be renewed and reoriented by His glorious Gospel.

Our gatherings may feel different than what you’ve experienced in other churches. The parts of our liturgy work together to show Jesus. We include and adapt some historic Christian worship practices: things like corporate prayers and creeds, singing, passing the peace, Communion, and a benediction. It’s a reassuring and beautiful thing to know that the same practices that formed Christians since the beginning are forming us too.

Our liturgy also allows us to love our Hamilton neighbours. According to the 2011 census, more than two-thirds of Hamilton identify as Christian, in “high church” (e.g., Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and certain Mainline) traditions. Yet pew research shows that only 27% of Canadians attended worship at least once a month in 2011. In other words, most Hamiltonians don’t “go to church”, but if they were invited to, they’d be prepared for a liturgy. So when those neighbours join us for worship, we hope they experience our liturgy as familiar yet intriguingly different. For example, Roman Catholics (who comprise 34% of our city) will recognize part of our confession prayer, and find the rest of it enlarges their vision of why Jesus came.

TEACHING: Our liturgy of the Word includes a Scripture reading and a sermon that’s usually interactive, all-age appropriate, and kept to about 25-35 minutes. We teach from either the CSB or ESV versions of the Bible.

MUSIC: Our music tradition is neither “traditional” nor “contemporary”. We’ll gladly worship with those historic hymn and modern choruses that best allow us to express our praise to God.

COMMUNION: Our Table liturgy welcomes all followers of Jesus to renew their faith in Him tangibly and publicly. We practice intinction: breaking off a piece of bread and dipping it in a shared cup to signify Jesus’ broken body and shed blood.

CHILDREN: Children are welcome and included in all elements of our Word and Table gatherings, including Communion (with parents’ permission). Please note that our Communion bread is gluten free and we use real wine. For specifics about options for your kids during Word and Table, click here.