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Michael and Heather met at University of Guelph where both were involved with the campus ministry of Power to Change. Mike is fifth of eight in a nominal Roman Catholic, Maltese-Ukrainian family, while Heather’s Mennonite lineage can be traced all the way back, meaning she was Anabaptist before Anabaptists were cool. They were married at Heather’s childhood home in 2001 and have three children: Maggie, Stella, and Simon-James (Jamie). Since 2006 Heather has worked for Hamilton Health Sciences as a Registered Dietician, and before pastoring, Mike was an elementary teacher with the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board.

The Mileskis moved to Mike’s hometown of Hamilton in 2004 so Heather could complete her dietetic internship. They served alongside many dear friends at Hughson Street Baptist Church (FEB) before Mike was hired as Associate Pastor at Philpott Memorial (AGC), from which Benediction Church was planted in 2017.

While Heather was raised in a faithful, Christ-centred home, Mike’s conversion came at around age 20, and set him on a trajectory away from art and illustration (“Plan A” was to be an animator for Disney and Lucasfilm, in order to work on the Star Wars prequels. #Winning) and into teaching in various settings. These days, Heather is passionate for vegetables, educating parents about fad diets, and parenting (though maybe not in that order). As for Mike, in his spare time he reads comic books, scouts Star Wars movie rumours, and helps his kids perfect their wrestling moves.


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