At Benediction we whole-heartedly believe that, through the Good News, Jesus has made us:

We follow Jesus; no one can follow Him for us. Our growth in the knowledge, character, and affections of Jesus is our privilege and responsibility;

We love our city, we bless our city, and we long to welcome our neighbours into a greater city: our true home, the Kingdom of Heaven.

In all we do for the Lord, we aim to do it with excellence the first time. But even if we don’t, we’ll learn and adapt and get it right the second time.

We see God at work in us in times of blessing and pain; we are not surprised by the destructive choices of broken people (ourselves included) and we will pray, challenge, and encourage each other to fight for joy in God.

SERVANTS: We want to so bless our neighbours that even if they don’t share our faith, they’re glad we’re here.



(Latin: bene-dictio) It literally means "bless, wish well" or “good word”. While we strive to root plans, teaching, and decisions in God’s good Word, sharing ‘good words’ has also been a way we’ve encouraged each other through many hard times. ‘Benediction’ also refers to the blessing spoken at the end of a worship service, when disciples are sent out on mission to love and serve Jesus. In the name “Benediction” we’re reminded of our call to embody that blessing to the city and each other.


Thinking of joining us? Please follow this link to read our document:
“Ten Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Church to Join Us”