At Benediction Church, the irreducible expression of belonging is in our Faith Families. These are intentional, missional, mixed groups committed to growing as disciples by placing themselves in life-on-life-on-life environments. If you’ve ever experienced a “missional community” or a “missional family”, our Faith Families are essentially the same in terms of goals, expectations, and commitments. You’ll see these people often; you’ll bless them and be blessed by them.

Each Faith Family is unique; nevertheless each shares a mission: to be a family that is fruitful and multiplying. It is a family in the sense that these people are a committed community. They are fruitful in that as they meet to learn and study and grow together, they’re bearing the fruits of discipleship. These families are also multiplying in the sense that they invite and expect guests (like you) and strive to bless their communities as a family on mission

While a Faith Family involves a certain commitment, it’s also true that there’s tremendous room to create and adapt a Faith Family based on your needs and rhythms of life. Find out more about what happens in Faith Families and how you can get connected to one.