Our Word and Table gatherings take place at the HARRRP Centre (formerly St. Peter’s Anglican), located at 705 Main St East. They occur on alternating Sundays at 10am, (not weekly). The dates for 2019 include:

  • July 14 + 28

  • August 11 + 25

  • September 8 + 22

  • October 6 + 20 (Easter Sunday!)

  • November 3 + 17

  • December 1 + 15 + 29

PARKING: Street parking is available nearby on St. Clair Avenue, Main Street, and Dunsmure Road. Please pay attention to street signs to avoid traffic tickets and ensure we are a blessing to our neighbourhood.

GETTING INVOLVED: You know that old saying about many hands? It was never truer than in the realm of church planting. If you’d like to help bring our Word and Table gatherings to life, please get in touch and find out how you can help out next Sunday!