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(I mean, does Hamilton really need another church?!)


After nearly seven years in his role as Associate Pastor at Philpott Memorial Church in Hamilton, Mike Mileski and his wife Heather had a fruitful, healthy and stable ministry. He and the others from PMC who would go on to form Benediction Church enjoyed great relationships within not just that church family, but with other pastors and churches in Hamilton as well. Nothing pushed us out, and no one would have blamed us for staying.

Yet a few factors came together at this time: a growing personal restlessness. A deepening concern for the spiritual landscape of our city. A group of largely under-challenged young future-leaders. A biblical pattern for church multiplication over church revitalization. A grief over friends and family who’d never participate in most established churches we knew. Finally: a personal passion to train ambassadors of Jesus who practice the way of Jesus in simple, subversive ways that affect their neighbourhoods and workplaces.

Through most of 2016 this emerging call was refined and confirmed by trusted advisers, mentors, conferences, and by those who’ve joined us. So with the blessing and prayers of groups like Philpott Church, the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada (our not-really-a-denomination), and C2C (our church planting network), six families met for the first time in the living room of Mike and Heather Mileski in early 2017 as the nucleus of what would become Benediction Church.

In the weeks and months that followed, we and those who’ve joined us have prayed and trembled and laughed and dreamed together, working to create a culture in which it’s natural to be the Church for one another and the city. It’s an elusive goal, but we’re living it now. If you long for that too, there’s room in the family for you.


Thinking of joining us? Please follow this link to read our document:
“Ten Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Church to Join Us”