Benediction Church is a Gospel-centered community learning how to be the Church by making and being disciples of Jesus in and for the city until it is in Hamilton as it is in heaven.


Faithful Presence: We will be scattered as Faith Families - the essential expression of belonging in this church. They put skin on the Gospel by rooting us in a place, and making us present for our neighbours. Our faithful presence will break down barriers of distrust, allowing genuine neighbour-love to flourish, and transforming our neighbourhoods with love, peace, safety, equality.

Liturgical depth: Since we are formed by liturgy, in our Word and Table gatherings we will be increasingly formed into the image of Jesus through old and new liturgical practices. These gatherings will be marked by reverence, joy, and an earnest expectation of an encounter with the Holy One.

Gospel Fluency: We will be a community whose first language is the Good News of Jesus. We will know the Gospel more thoroughly, apply it to our own hearts more consistently, and share it with one another more frequently.

Integrated Ministry: We will not segregate, but integrate children and families in our ministry environments wherever possible. Ultimately, more kids and families will persevere and flourish in faith as Jesus’ lordship is integrated with every area of life.

Humble Orthodoxy: We will know and make known the historic Christian faith with grace - by refusing to weaponize our orthodoxy, and truth - allowing the truth of Scripture to correct our assumptions and those of the the wider culture. As we do, we will grow more proficient with God’s good Word.

Fruit Salad: We will embrace the different and compatible expressions of fruitfulness that come as we - ourselves a diverse community - live out our mission collectively and individually. We trust God will use us to produce the fruit of both personal holiness and social justice.


Thinking of joining us? Please follow this link to read our document:
“Ten Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Church to Join Us”